Kipya Ki? – Opening Night

Join us for the launch of the Kipya ki? online exhibition on New Art City platform; browse through the exhibition spaces at your leisure; listen to speeches and watch performances, all from the comfort of your own sofa.

This new immersive online exhibition is the result of FORMAT’s cultural exchange  and collaboration with Uganda’s FOTEA Foundation, an organisation supporting a broad programme of visual literacy and visual education across East Africa.

Led by the teams at FORMAT and FOTEA the project has given two emerging curators, Ibrahim Azab (UK) and Trevor Mukholi (Uganda) the opportunity to work with a group of selected artists from both the UK and East Africa, who are exploring the East African and British photographic (and related media) scene.

The artists in Kipya Ki? experiment through intervening, changing and altering used and new image material. Displaying unique abilities to transform stories and images whilstnavigating through unfamiliar territory, pushing the visual mediumto encompass contemporary issues within social, political, industrial,technological and economical landscapes.